Attention Economy - January 6, 2023

  • An Amazing Trickeration?: Banished Words For 2012 : NPR 010112
    During the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles on Aug. 28, 2011, singer Beyonce Knowles rubbed her stomach in the middle of the performance to reveal her baby bump. “Baby bump” is one of the words on Lake Superior State University’s list of banished words this year.
  • How A Teen’s Coerced Confession Set Her Free : NPR 010212
    In that room, Truong will admit to suffocating her son. She’ll be arrested and she’ll spend almost three years awaiting trial for murder. But a videotape that police made of that interrogation, which NPR member station WBUR fought in court to obtain, will eventually set her free.
  • How Fracking Wastewater Is Tied To Quakes : NPR 010512
    Small earthquakes in Ohio and Arkansas associated with hydraulic fracturing for natural gas have taken many people by surprise. Gas industry executives say there’s no hard evidence that their activities are causing these quakes. But some scientists say it’s certainly possible; in fact, people have been causing quakes for years.
  • Quakes Jeopardize Ohio City’s Economic Recovery : NPR 010512
    There is a natural gas drilling boom going on in Youngstown, Ohio. But a series of earthquakes there has renewed focus on activities like drilling and mining that are known to cause earthquakes. Now people in the area are weighing safety over economic growth.
  • ‘Thin Blue Line’ Piqued Mike Mills Movie Interest : NPR 010312
    Steve Inskeep talks to filmmaker Mike Mills for the latest in the Watch This series about recommended movies and television shows. Mills directed the film Beginners starring Christopher Plummer as an elderly father who comes out of the closet.
  • Up Close And Personal: Introducing Intimate Theater : NPR 010212
    Theatergoers are used to being anonymous, hidden in the darkness, part of a crowd. They’re free to fidget, yawn, even tune out; the actors won’t know. But in an innovative kind of theater popping up at fringe festivals and independent venues the spotlight shines on the audience. Intimate theater relies on tight spaces and unconventional stages to collapse the distance between performer and viewer.
  • Google Searches Are A Window Into Our Culture : NPR 010212
    Millions of people are searching for things every day on Google. The people at the giant search engine company realized that if they tracked those searches, the patterns can tell us about what’s happening with people’s lives.
  • Airlines To Post Fees, Exxon Awarded $900 Million : NPR 010212
    Starting later this month, the Transportation Department is requiring airlines to advertise prices which include all of the non-optional fees. That way passengers know the full amount they’d have to pay for a ticket. And, Exxon Mobil received some disappointing news from an international panel arbitrating a dispute between it and Venezuela. The panel awarded Exxon only about $900 million. It had been seeking $7 billion.
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