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Come Sunday, We Shall Gather at the River

For several Sunday mornings now, I have walked down to the Little Miami River following a path in the woods that takes me past some mossy stones that once made up foundations for cabins inhabited by fugitive slaves. The spot isn’t far from the Mill where I used to live, which was a stop on the Underground Railroad. The woods are so thickly overgrown now with honeysuckle that I have to stop and search for the stones. In the quiet of the morning I hear a wood thrush singing even this late in August. Then I hum the tune to Duke Ellington’s masterpiece, “Come Sunday.” Continue reading

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“The Jolly Flatboatmen in Port”

George Caleb Bingham. The Jolly Flatboatmen in Port. 1857. Oil on canvas. St. Louis Art Museum.

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Robert S. Duncanson: Blue Hole, Little Miami River

Robert S. Duncanson. Blue Hole, Little Miami River. Oil on canvas, 1851. Cincinnati Art Museum.

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A Sound Track for Father’s Day

This tribute to John Hartford could have been the soundtrack for our run down the Little Miami this morning. All that’s missing is the squawk of the great blue herons and splash of the snapping turtle sliding off its sunny log. As John Hartford said, “There’s nothing like a crooked old river to straighten your head right out!”

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