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Yevgeny Khaldei: What Makes An Iconic Photo

To Red Army photographer Yevgeny Khaldei, staging an iconic photo wasn’t a manipulation of history but a tribute to historical significance. His most famous photo of Soviet soldiers raising the Red Star over the Reichstag in Berlin reenacted a triumphal moment on the night of April 30, 1945, when it was too dark to photograph. Continue reading

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Who Spied On Lee Miller?

Lots of people lined up to peek through the keyhole for a glimpse of Lee Miller, whose meteoric career arced from Vogue fashion model to Surrealist muse to intrepid war photographer. The voyeurs included Condé Nast, Man Ray, Jean Cocteau, … Continue reading

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What If Protesters Doused The Flame In 1936?

A German runner carries the Olympic flame into Berlin’s swastika-draped stadium in 1936. [Source: Wikipedia] The notion that the Olympic “movement” is about individual athleticism is a myth. The Olympics have long been devoted to nationalism and the manipulation of … Continue reading

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