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Robert Maplethorpe’s Iconic Image of Patti Smith

Patti Smith receives the National Book Award tonight for Just Kids, the memoir of her friendship with photographer Robert Maplethorpe. He took the photo of Smith on the cover of Horses, the debut album that made her the Queen of Punk in 1975. She told the story of how this iconic image was made in an interview on NPR’s Fresh Air Continue reading

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Free Money With Patti Smith At Café Mouffe

The last CD to grace my stereo deck was Anne Sofie von Otter’s collection of Grieg Songs, which I return to like an Arctic tern when the snow is deep and the sun bright in a crystalline sky. I Tonight some kind of chthonic leap of faith made me switch von Oter’s Grieg for Patti Smith’s Horses tonight. Who’d think I could feel like I was 20 years old again and very punk? It started this morning when I heard a snippet of Gloria on NPR. Now I’m rummaging in the closet for the leather jacket with the ripped shoulder so I’ll look like I could walk into CBGB’s and not get rolled. Then all I’ll need is some Free Money.

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Just Kids: Patti Smith Remembers Robert Mapplethorpe

Patti Smith met Robert Mapplethorpe on her first day in New York City in the summer of1967. They were both kids from stern religious backgrounds who yearned to be artists. Smith tells the story of their relationship in a new … Continue reading

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