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Lady Gaga & Maria Aragon Sing “Born This Way”

The first media consumed after pondering McLuhan’s enigmatic koan was this marvelous video clip of Lady Gaga and 10-year-old Maria Aragon performing Born This Way. Maria had recorded a cover of the song in her bedroom in Winnipeg; as of this morning, her cover has had 19,245,026 views on YouTube. She realized every fan’s wildest dream when she was invited to join Lady Gaga onstage at the Air Canada Center in Toronto on Thursday night. Call it fan culture, call it participatory culture, call it one medium absorbing another – the effect is wildly moving, transcending the boundaries of fan and superstar, performer and audience. Continue reading

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Re-Branding the Cult with a Quotron Symbol

Steve Jobs must be wondering if Gutenberg faced this kind of brand irreverence when he invented moveable type. A day after Apple’s iPad hype, the wags at Mad TV talked on NPR about creating this viral video sensation after the gadget’s top-secret name was leaked on Twitter.

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Hey, Paul Krugman - Fiscal Fan Boys Need You!

Hey, Paul Krugman by Jonathan Mann: Hey Paul Krugman, Why aren’t you in the administration? Is there some kind of politicking that I don’t understand? I mean, Timothy Geithner is like some little weasel. Wasn’t he in a position of … Continue reading

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