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Georgina Kleege on Beauty and The Gaze

My friend Georgina Kleege was interviewed today on x with John Hockenberry: “We’re talking this week about beauty: How we define it, how we perceive it, and what it means historically and socially—and to you, our listeners. | Today, we approach the topic beauty with someone who has a unique perspective: UC Berkeley English Professor Georgina Kleege. |Kleege is blind, and has written about how she sees the world in several books, including “Sight Unseen,” and the essay “Beauty and the Blind.” | And as Kleege explains, you don’t have to see beauty to understand its value. In her words: “I live in a visual culture, so I know what people say.” Continue reading

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French Novelist Patrick Modiano Wins 2014 Nobel Prize

NYT: “Patrick Modiano, the French novelist whose works often explore the traumas of the Nazi occupation of France and hinge on the themes of memory, alienation and the puzzle of identity, won the 2014 Nobel Prize in Literature on Thursday. | In an announcement in Stockholm, the Swedish Academy cited Mr. Modiano’s ability to evoke “the most ungraspable human destinies” in his work.”

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Now Reading: Walter Mosley

I started reading Fear of the Dark by Walter Mosley, and all hope of productive labor today is hereby canceled. It’s the third novel in Mosley’s Fearless Jones series. The erstwhile private eye is a randy but impecunious used book dealer named Paris Minton. My kind of sleuth!

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