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Café Nouffe: Sussan Deyhim

I wasn’t aware of Sussan Deyhim until I heard an interview with her on PRI The World’s Global Hit. I had heard a shard of her haunting voice before, as I learned, on U2’s Sunday Bloody Sunday. Now Deyhim has produced her own song – Neda’s Eyes – in tribute to Neda Agha-Soltan, the non-violent protester whose tragic death in a Tehran street became the iconic symbol for Iran’s Green Revolution in 2009. Deyhim’s dramatic vocal range makes me think of Diamanda Galás. Just listen to Glyphs of the Horizon. Continue reading

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And the Winner Is – The Dictator’s Speech!

Forget dancing with the stars. Now you can rub elbows with the autocrats at the Academy Awards, via Zapiro’s latest political cartoon. The irreverent South African satirist appears on Al Jazeera’s Listening Post, which features his latest seditious venture – ZA News. I was pointed to this panel by AJE’s Libya live blog.

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Al Jazeera: “Social Networks, Social Revolution”

The second part of “Empire” is an excerpted panel discussion held at the Columbia Journalism School in New York City on Feb. 14 in the heady aftermath of Hosni Mubarak’s downfall. The moderator is Al Jazeera’s Marwan Bishara; the panelists are Amy Goodman, Clay Shirky, Carl Bernstein, Emily Bell, and Evgeny Morozov.

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Imtiaz Dharker’s Blessing: “Voice Of A Kindly God”

The voice of Imtiaz Dharker, lyrical, precise and earthy, came to me between sleep and waking. That’s the liminal state in which I listen to the BBC at three in the morning. The poet was being interviewd on a BBC program called Heart and Soul. Dharker describes herself as a “cultural mongrel” – “a Scottish Muslim Calvinist, brought up in a Lahori household in Glasgow.” Now she lives in London and Mumbai. In the interview she says that religion is “a misuse of the name of God” and poetry is a moment “when everything else falls away” [listen now]. Dharker recites poems from her latest book, Leaving Fingerprints (including “Spire” and xxx) as well as “Blessing” (which has been required reading in U.K. schools for over a decade ).

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A Cautionary Tale for Blind Flaneurs

An accident in Jilotepec, Mexico. Traffic injuries are the ninth leading cause of death worldwide. [Photo by ]Juan Garcia/AFP/Getty Images/NYT] A new report issued by the World Health Organization confirms what every blind flaneur knows. It’s a dangerous rat race … Continue reading

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