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Even Grebes Have Redneck Cousins

I haven’t pursued competitive birding since I was twelve years old. I can’t tell you how many bird species are on my life list now. While I still have the habit of listening to the spring migrants in id-May, I don’t compile a century count. Today, though, I felt something like the frisson of seeing a new “life bird” even though I had seen it once before, decades ago, in Alaska. Ms. Modigliani treated me to a birthday breakfast of lox and bagels on the Oakville jetty early this morning. We heard an astonishing bird call that sounded like a bleating lamb led to slaughter. I couldn’t name it. Then a bird photographer working near the lighthouse showed us a pair of red-necked grebes at the mouth of 16-Mile Creek. I never heard their call in Alaska. I had no idea they were nesting in the Great Lakes region. Continue reading

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Impression, Sunrise

Lake Ontario looked like this Monet painting yesterday morning before the fog burned off. When the atmospherics feel like this – when sky, wind, light and water match the scope of what remains of my eyesight — I could sit on the jetty for hours and never tire of looking at the lake.

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Fish Aren’t Biting? Let’s Kill Some Cormorants!

This week I’ve been sitting on the Navy Street jetty in Oakville, Ontario. I while away the ours watching the aerobatics of common terns and Caspian terns feeding at the mouth of Oakville Creek. I haven’t seen or heard a cormorant yet.

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Asian Carp: If You Can’t Beat Them, Eat Them

While environmentalists in the Great Lakes region worry about the spread of Asian carp, Louisiana chef Philippe Parola says we should relax and think of new ways to eat the invasive species. The first step is the golden rule of seafood marketing: change the noxious name. Silver fin gumbo goes great with kudzu salad.

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