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Lou Bourgeois: A Charming Man Celebrates a Century

Lou Bourgeois was born 100 years ago today in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. As he celebrates the day simply with his loving daughter Maggie, JoAnn and I will mark the occasion by saying it is an honor to know him as a friend. He is the most charming man I’ve ever known: an engaging raconteur, a vivid yet self-effacing storyteller, a keen and genuinely curious listener, a passionate lover of music and books. He’s been a thoughtful reader of this website since its inception. And he’s the only person on the planet who still refers to me as “Young Mark.” When I grow up, I want to be just like him! Continue reading

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Fare Thee Well, Sam Samster

Sam was the king of the Oakville cats. He was a mensch. His presence will animate our lives long after his passing.

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Café Mouffe: Celebrating Lou Bourgeois

Lou Bourgeois is 94 today. We had a wonderful conversation yesterday about books and music. He told us about reading Eric Siblin’s The Cello Suites, an account of Pablo Casals’ rediscovery of Bach’s resonantly profound masterpiece. For your birthday, Lou, here is Yo-Yo Ma performing Suite No. 1 in G major (BWV 1007).

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Evening Sky Over Lake Ontario

Last night on the jetty at the mouth of 16-Mile Creek, a boorish oaf felt that he should tell us that we were facing the wrong direction to see the sunset. Had we listened to him, we would have missed this roseate drama in the clouds east of Oakville. [Photo by Ms. Modigliani]

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Fish Aren’t Biting? Let’s Kill Some Cormorants!

This week I’ve been sitting on the Navy Street jetty in Oakville, Ontario. I while away the ours watching the aerobatics of common terns and Caspian terns feeding at the mouth of Oakville Creek. I haven’t seen or heard a cormorant yet.

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