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Hamster Cages, Participatory Surveillance, and the Quantified Self

I’m still catching up on news and media I missed last week while I was pondering media theory at MiT7.The conference’s fundamental issue crystallized for me during the Saturday night forum (Power and Empowerment) when Richard Rogers invoked the phrase “participatory surveillance to” suggest the dark side of platforms monetizing user-generated content (a.k.a. “hamster cages”). Unbeknownst to me at the time was last week’s edition of On the Media, devoted to data, with a story on The Personal Data Revolution. It makes me wonder, whose revolution is it, anyway, and whose wallet should I watch? Continue reading

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And the Winner Is – The Dictator’s Speech!

Forget dancing with the stars. Now you can rub elbows with the autocrats at the Academy Awards, via Zapiro’s latest political cartoon. The irreverent South African satirist appears on Al Jazeera’s Listening Post, which features his latest seditious venture – ZA News. I was pointed to this panel by AJE’s Libya live blog.

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