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Swede Talk, Sweet Talk: the Summer of Stieg Larsson

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Hallelujah for Ms. Modigliani!

Ms. M collects the innumerable covers of Leonard Cohen’s classic song. For her birthday, here is a version that she maybe has never heard – and it’s in Ladino, no less. Halleluja by Yasmin Levy comes from her 2009 release, Sentir. Happy Birthday, JoAnn!

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Lady Gaga & Maria Aragon Sing “Born This Way”

The first media consumed after pondering McLuhan’s enigmatic koan was this marvelous video clip of Lady Gaga and 10-year-old Maria Aragon performing Born This Way. Maria had recorded a cover of the song in her bedroom in Winnipeg; as of this morning, her cover has had 19,245,026 views on YouTube. She realized every fan’s wildest dream when she was invited to join Lady Gaga onstage at the Air Canada Center in Toronto on Thursday night. Call it fan culture, call it participatory culture, call it one medium absorbing another – the effect is wildly moving, transcending the boundaries of fan and superstar, performer and audience.

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Evening Sky Over Lake Ontario

Last night on the jetty at the mouth of 16-Mile Creek, a boorish oaf felt that he should tell us that we were facing the wrong direction to see the sunset. Had we listened to him, we would have missed this roseate drama in the clouds east of Oakville. [Photo by Ms. Modigliani]

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Fast Company for a Swift River

After we ran the rapids on the Saugeen River up in County Bruce, Ontario, Ms. Modigliani decided that she was ready for more. It was a sweet run in the rain, with plenty of herons and egrets to show us the way. Ms. M learned how to discern a course amid eddies and standing waves, and I read the river the same way I read books – by listening attentively!

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