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Remembering a Free Man in Paris

A street artist in Montmartre made this sketch of my father, Bob Willis, in 2005. It’s based on a photo taken after the war which is tagged “Paris 1945.” I carried that photo in my pocket until I found a suitable artist. The challenge now in Montmartre is choosing just one while evading a flock of noisy and aggressive competitors. In commissioning this drawing I was completing a circle for me and my dad. He had carried a wedding photo of my mother throughout the war, and in Montmartre he found a street artist who turned the image into an oil painting. The price Bob negotiated was two cartons of cigarettes and a chocolate bar. Continue reading

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Flaneur’s Gallery: Knit Graffiti by the Jafagirls

The Jafagirls gave me a guided walking tour of their textile art installations. Some of it is in this video montage, and some of it I had seen (and touched) before, but I had no sense of the scope of their project until they took me around the block, literally. I’ll have more to say about it. For now, I am thrilled that I don’t have to pine for street art in Paris (à la Miss Tic and the Ethics of Love). I can stroll anytime to the end of the street where I live. It’s a perfect place for flânerie. Thanks, Corine and Nancy!

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Flaneur’s Paradise: Montreal’s Rue Prince Arthur

In Montreal, for my birthday, we took a stroll after dinner through the flaneur’s paradise on Rue Prince Arthur, a pedestrian mall between Avenue Laval and Boulevard Saint-Laurent. Ms. Modigliani agreed to sit for her portrait by street artist Marie-claude … Continue reading

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