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Sista Iria’s New Year’s Resolution on WNYC

Listening to the Studio 360 podcast this morning, I was surprised and thrilled to hear my friend Maria Thornton (Sista Iria) talking with WNYC’s Kurt Andersen. Maria is one of four artists whom Studio 360 will follow this year to encourage them to lean in and complete long-imagined creative projects. Maria plans to return to her reggae roots. Good luck, Maria – Yellow Springs will be a better place to live as a result! Continue reading

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True Grit: Eat Your Heart Out, John Wayne!

Brendan and I saw the Cohen Brothers’ remake of True Grit at the Little Art Theater. Hailee Steinfeld was brilliant as 14-year-old Mattie Ross. Every father should hope his daughter will face the world with such brio. When she rode her pony across the river, I felt like I was running away with her, with Huck, lighting out for the territory. Jeff Bridges as one-eyed Rooster Cogburn sounded like a force of nature. Eat your heart out, John Wayne! The ornate, 19th-century diction, carried over with some fidelity from Charles Portis’s novel, was astounding and hilarious. The Cohen Brothers do Violent American Weird better than anyone. After two hours of gunfights and mayhem, the Yellow Springs Sunday matinee crowd cheered as the credits rolled. Continue reading

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Flaneur’s Gallery: Knit Graffiti by the Jafagirls

The Jafagirls gave me a guided walking tour of their textile art installations. Some of it is in this video montage, and some of it I had seen (and touched) before, but I had no sense of the scope of their project until they took me around the block, literally. I’ll have more to say about it. For now, I am thrilled that I don’t have to pine for street art in Paris (à la Miss Tic and the Ethics of Love). I can stroll anytime to the end of the street where I live. It’s a perfect place for flânerie. Thanks, Corine and Nancy!
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Laredo Loses Its Last Bookstore

When I heard an NPR story this morning about the closing of the one and only bookstore in Laredo, Texas, a city with a quarter million inhabitants, I was heartened anew by the fact that my humble village of 4,000 has three bookstores. And I can walk to any of them in less than five minutes. That’s the flaneur’s definition of a walkable, readable neighborhood. Continue reading

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Listening for The First Song of Spring

After 12 days of snow cover and subfreezing temperatures, I’ll take any sign I can get that spring will come. I heard it just before daybreak this morning in the song of a Carolina wren. It’s been around all year, of course, and I hear its call notes every day. But today it sang its strident territorial song for the first time this winter. It’s singing a week earlier than I expected. Continue reading

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Café Mouffe: Fare Thee Well, Mike Seeger

Mike Seeger – singer, virtuoso instrumentalist, steward of American folk music traditions – died Friday night at 75. According to NPR, Seeger’s “love for traditional songs and tunes inspired many other musicians — including Bob Dylan . Seeger was a … Continue reading

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Huck, Is It Time to Light Out for the Territories?

The Yellow Springs in early March, 2008. [Photo by a blind flaneur] See Orgy Songs of the Maenads. Oh, no. My humble, walkable village has been named one of the best 10 small towns in America by Outside magazine (August … Continue reading

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Tonight Is Steve Schwerner’s Last WYSO Jazz Show

I’ve learned a lot about jazz over the years by listening to Steve Schwerner on WYSO 91.3 FM. After the radio station’s absurd suspension of local jazz programming several years back, it’s good that WYSO is showing Steve the love … Continue reading

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