Internet Flaneur - August 27, 2023

    BLDGBLOG (“building blog”) is written by Geoff Manaugh. Architectural Conjecture | Urban Speculation | Landscape Futures | BLDGBLOG | Wired UK
  • Reagan Daily, 2023/08/25 edition
    scraped MW tweet: “Lynnyrd Skynnyrd @ #GOP convention, that fits. #Heartbreak was Ray Charles hugging Ronald Reagan, 1984.”
  • Paris by Julian Green – review | Books | The Observer 082512
    This is no ordinary memoir, or even an alternative travel guide. It’s a tale of Julian Green’s obsession with the French capital, a love of place that is a kind of possession: “Thinking about the capital all the time, I rebuilt it inside myself. I replaced its physical presence with something else, something almost supernatural.” Green takes on the role of flâneur in this book: the leisurely, Baudelairean dandy originally identified and named by Walter Benjamin. This flâneur perspective has two implications for the text. First, Paris is a languid and bourgeois memoir, indulgent and at times hyperbolic, though it has many moments of truly arresting beauty. Second, the attention to detail is astonishing, and reflects the memories of someone who has devoted years of their life to the art of getting lost in the city. Green urges readers to “waste time”, and to experience “the faint distress that comes from thinking you have lost your way”.
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