Lee Miller: Picasso’s Cubist Portrait

Pablo Picasso. Portrait of Lee Miller as L’Arlesienne. 1937. Musée Picasso, Paris.
Pablo Picasso. Portrait of Lee Miller as L’Arlesienne. 1937. Musée Picasso, Paris.

Exhibition note for Lee Miller. Picasso in Private at Museu Picasso in Barcelona:

Lee Miller … took over a thousand photographs of Picasso during the thirty-six years of their friendship. The exhibition shows a selection of more than one hundred of these pictures and offers also a taste of the production of Lee Miller as documentary and advertising photographer and as war correspondent.

Miller’s photography, together with the writing of Roland Penrose –Surrealist artist, Miller’s husband, and one of Picasso’s most important biographers, is one of the most extraordinary records ever made of an artist of Picasso’s calibre. Her keen eye captured the ever-evolving Picasso in his many-faceted existence, exuding a magnetic energy that Miller captured through her lens.

In addition to the photographs, the exhibition in the Museu Picasso of Barcelona brings together, for the first time, five of the portraits that Picasso painted of Lee Miller as L’Arlésienne the summer of 1937 that the three of them – Miller, Penrose and Picasso – were together in Mougins.

See Lee Miller: Picasso’s Liberation.

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2 Responses to Lee Miller: Picasso’s Cubist Portrait

  1. odilean says:

    Mark, I very much like your stream of consciousness blog. I ran across it while looking for photos for my own Lee Miller retrospect. I look forward to reading more of what you have to say.

  2. Mark Willis says:

    Thanks, odilean. I saw your referring link in my stats and read your Lee Miller post — I like the way you mine memory to recall how she became an icon for you. I plan to write about it in a future post on Lee and Man Ray. Cheers, M

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