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Making The Earth Say Trees

At the beginning of April my son and I walked the property lines of his nascent farm to make our plans for this year and next. Standing at a surveyor’s stake at the back of his soybean field, I thought … Continue reading

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Brendan The Navigator: Just A Little Fog

Fog at Isle Royale [Source:] We set a westerly course midway between Wright Island and shore. I sensed something uneasy about the way Brendan hunched in his life vest. He wasn’t talking. “Want to go for Hay Bay?” I … Continue reading

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Ransacking The Archive: Voyageurs

Lawren Harris.Afternoon Sun, Lake Superior. For Brendan the Navigator. 1995. The hardest conversation is the one that may be the last. Voyageurs When my heart started again I was naked on a steel table. A catheter snaked through the coronaries … Continue reading

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