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Oscar Nominees: “Timbuktu”

Every day brings more talk about movies I want to see. Add “Timbuktu” to the list. The French-Mauritanian film dramatizes the brutalities and absurdities of fanatical jihadists who seize control in the West African nation of Mali. It premiered at Cannes last May, and now it’s nominated for an Academy Award for best foreign language film. Continue reading

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Forty Years Later, Ohio Can’t Outlive Its Anthem

Sometimes when I walk across my university campus, it’s hard to remember how America was so angry and violent forty years ago. Other times I think, this is Ohio, the proverbial battleground state of national politics, and it isn’t so hard to remember. The fear- and hate-mongers are still with us.

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Nuclear Winter: When Life Imitates The Movies

It’s an unexamined myth today among many Americans that Ronald Reagan single-handedly won the Cold War and engineered the collapse of the Soviet Union. This narrow-minded notion gives no credit to the people of Eastern Europe who resisted Soviet oppression for decades until they succeeded in outlasting it. In a new book about the nuclear arms race, The Dead Hand, journalist David E. Hoffman argues that Mikhail Gorbachev had as much to do with backing up from the brink as Reagan did. In an interview with Terry Gross on NPR Fresh Air, Hoffman explains that Reagan needed to see a made-for-TV movie about nuclear armageddon before he decided to get serious about trying to prevent it.

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Bomb Scare at Paris Department Store

Visit msnbc.com for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy msnbc.com video: Panic after Paris bomb scare 121608

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The Smoking Gun Could Be A Twitter

Rachel Maddow has the scoop on msnbc.com. Follow her on Twitter @maddow. And me? I’m the suspicious character with the white cane @williscreative.

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