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Curating a Revolution in Real Time

Where does curation end and advocacy begin? The Feb. 25 edition of On the Media has two segments with NPR staffers (Sarah Abdurrahman and Andy Carvin) who are pushing the boundaries in new journalism. Continue reading

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Proto-Tweets from Egypt: “Arrested” & “Freed”

Biz Stone, co-founder of Twitter, tells a story on NPR Fresh Air about the first time he realized that the social media platform was becoming a tool for global citizens.

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If “Carla+Sarko=Over’ Blame It on Twitter

After a week-long media feeding frenzy reiterating rumors that CARLA Bruni and Nicholas Sarkozy are splitting up, Times Online parses every jot of evidence pointing blame at Twitter – and a deeply held French cultural tradition respecting the peccadilloes of power.

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Bringing Twitterature to the Masses

I like to think I am well-read, even as a blind flaneur who works constantly to negotiate access to books. When conversation turns to some obscure old warhorse from the canon, I like to joke that I didn’t finish the … Continue reading

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Matching Social Register to Social Media

The Social Media Ecosystem – a.k.a. the Internet – is overpopulated with blogs and tweets that tell you 5 things you should do to succeed at blogging and tweeting.  Anyone contemplating a career change to “social media consultant” should check … Continue reading

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