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Oscar Nominees: “Timbuktu”

Every day brings more talk about movies I want to see. Add “Timbuktu” to the list. The French-Mauritanian film dramatizes the brutalities and absurdities of fanatical jihadists who seize control in the West African nation of Mali. It premiered at Cannes last May, and now it’s nominated for an Academy Award for best foreign language film. Continue reading

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If “Carla+Sarko=Over’ Blame It on Twitter

After a week-long media feeding frenzy reiterating rumors that CARLA Bruni and Nicholas Sarkozy are splitting up, Times Online parses every jot of evidence pointing blame at Twitter – and a deeply held French cultural tradition respecting the peccadilloes of power.

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Something To Savor With A Sip Of Calvados

“Farming offers many fashionable careers,” says a breathy French actress who sounds like Catherine Deneuve selling the proverbial bath oil. She’s the voice of a new government advertising campaign meant to entice more French youth to toil, fashionably, on the … Continue reading

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In Paris, Even Day Care Has Edible Drama

In my very distant and provincial past, nutrition at the nursery school amounted to Graham crackers and red jello. On feast days it was peanut butter and jelly. Not so in Paris, where preschoolers learn to savor their repast with … Continue reading

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“Financial Virtues of the Frugal French”

Marketplace: Financial virtues of the frugal French 101708: John Laurenson: Tonight, what with the financial crisis, it’s pig’s foot for dinner, not the seafood platter. But in France, people are used to living on a budget. Partly because it’s much … Continue reading

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