Ransacking The Archive: Edible Dramas

It’s almost time to get on my knees and grub for early wintergreen and wild mustard. These poems were written separately around 1980, when I was living out of the gardens at the Mill.

Edible Dramas

1. Wild Mustard

Forget the proverb about tiny seeds.
Its truth is the hot green flash
of first leaves on the tongue
when you’re on your knees in March
not sure if it’s a weed
but you can’t wait.

2. Broccoli

Not the fully crowned head
but an unannounced bud
centered in its curled leaf
discovered in June
by the tip of a finger.

It could be green pubic hair
drenched with Hollandaise sauce.

3. Cauliflower

Cerebral, white only
if you blanch them.
Don’t forget to tie the tops
to hide them from the sun.

Gray, scraggly heads,
they’re spotty in August
like old men with wet brain.
Eat them anyway.

4. Collards and Kale

What sustains us
grows close to the ground:
the steady producers
surviving heat, drought, bugs
and now, even ice storms.

In spring, eat them raw.
In December, boil them with salt
and chew and chew. There’s enough
for the cabbage worms
enough for you.

My thanks to métrogirl, one of my favorite Paris photographer, for the idea for the title. See her sumptuous photos in edible dramas Paris when you have a need to fantasize about lunch.

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