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If “Carla+Sarko=Over’ Blame It on Twitter

After a week-long media feeding frenzy reiterating rumors that CARLA Bruni and Nicholas Sarkozy are splitting up, Times Online parses every jot of evidence pointing blame at Twitter – and a deeply held French cultural tradition respecting the peccadilloes of power. Continue reading

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Political Theater on Fashionista Street: No One Posed Such Questions To Abigail Adams & Pat Nixon

No one ever said of Mrs. Nixon what wags are asking about Mrs. Sarkozy after a revealing display of fashionista power (left) at the Elysee Palace. The occasion was a state dinner for Russian president Dmitry Medvedev. The vehicle was a form-fitting Roland Mouret dress that begged the question, “Should Carla Bruni have worn a bra?”

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A Courtesan’s Advice For Carla Bruni: “Don’t Eat That Bling!”

Comparing the extravagance of Carla Bruni and Marie-Antoinette reminded me of another sordid tale of conspicuous consumption from The Daily Mail, which got its facts from that august nexus of science and celebrity gossip, the British Medical Journal. A study published last December in the BMJ found toxic concentrations of gold and mercury in the remains of Diane de Poitiers, mistress of the 16th-century French king, Henry II . Diane likely succumbed to the French nobility’s predilection for drinking elixir of gold (think of it as a bling smoothie) in hopes of preserving eternal youth.

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Carla Bruni Might Out-Bling Marie-Antoinette, But Can She Keep Her Head?

Even high-minded blogs need a little celebrity gossip from time to time just to grease the search engines. Our resident celebrity is Carla Bruni – Italian supermodel, rock- star arm candy, First Lady of France. Her trajectory in male consorts, arcing from Mick Jagger to Nicholas Sarkozy, is further evidence that entropy rules the universe. Now a new book compares her to Marie Antoinette when it comes to ambition, frivolity, and bling. The Daily Mail dishes the dirt.

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Grabbing a Bistro on the Postcard Side of Paris

Gendarmes hold back people at a street corner in the 7th Arrondissemen as the Obamas arrive for dinner at La Fontaine de Mars on June 6, 2009. [Photo source: Associated Press /NPR] According to Obama Foodorama (no kidding, there is … Continue reading

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