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Internet Flaneur - September 7, 2023

Wired For Culture | Ideas with Paul Kennedy | CBC Radio [MW: Intrigued by concept of "cumulative cultural adaptation" & its implications for cultures of #disability] Human beings have a unique evolutionary history. We are at the mercy of neither … Continue reading

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Technological & Genetic Determinism: If It’s Feasible, Is It Inevitable?

Since MiT7 I’ve been musing about the confluence of two powerful streams of thought that I will call technological determinism and genetic determinism. While these ideas are not necessarily the same thing, they are mutually reinforcing. One is used to corroborate the other. Both express a futurist perception, a kind of faith, that if something can be done, sooner or later it will be done, and it’s futile to try to stop it. Continue reading

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After 150 Years, Charles Darwin’s Still Got My Back

I had to laugh out loud this morning when I heard an NPR announcer quip that today is the 150th anniversary of Charles Darwin “going rogue.” He meant the 1859 publication of On The Origin of Species, of course, but … Continue reading

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Gene Therapy Helps Children With Congenital Retina Disease

I wrote about the complex relationship between my genetic disease and its possible “cure” in Not This Pig. At my age and stage of blindness, I don’t know whether I’d choose the experimental gene therapy published Oct. 24 in The Lancet (reported below by Jocelyn Kaiser in ScienceNOW), but I can understand its prospect for young children with retina diseases. Continue reading

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One More Worry: Gray Hair & Genotoxic Stress

I’d hoped my gray hair was a mark of distinction, like ripening into Walt Whitman or some other venerable old geezer. Grecian Formula 44 never tempted me. Now it seems that stem cells are the answer. According to Gisela Telis … Continue reading

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