Café Mouffe: Mulatu Astatke’s Ethio-Jazz

Mulatu Astatke hooked me in a BBC The Strand interview when he lauded a certain tribe of Ethiopian musicians to “scientists in music.” The brief sound bites made me want to hear some vintage Ethio-Jazz such as Yegelle Tezeta (1974); the audio here is a little murky but it doesn’t cramp the groove. Mulatu’s Mood comes from his 2010 release, Mulatu Steps Ahead.

Encore: The master discusses tracks on Mulatu Steps Ahead.

Café Mouffe: Angelique Kidjo

Even though Angelique  Kidjo is working out of New York now, I can’t help but think of the world music scene in Paris when I hear her. I am astonished by the ringing clarity of her voice on Zelie, the opening track of her new album, Oyo. The album has all the energy of this 2005 live performance of Africa, when Angelique was joined onstage by Annie Lennox.

Encore: Check out NPR’s recent interview with Angelique Kidjo. It includes links to a full concert as well as a cover of James Brown’s “Cold Sweat” (also on Oyo, but I haven’t found a video yet). Then you gotta hear James Brown himself. Kidjo and Joss Stone out-Jaggers Jagger on Gimme Shelter.