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Shape-Shifting From Graphic Novel to Film: “Quai d鈥橭rsay” > “Weapons of Mass Diplomacy” > “The French Minister”

Weapons of Mass Diplomacy (graphic novel) | The French Minister (movie trailer) Continue reading

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Imaging Paris: Charles Marville鈥檚 Photography Documented Baron Haussmann鈥檚 Transformation of the City of Light

By the end of the 1850s, Charles Marville had established a reputation as an accomplished and versatile photographer. From 1862, as official photographer for the city of Paris, he documented aspects of the radical modernization program that had been launched by Emperor Napoleon III and his chief urban planner, Baron Georges-Eug猫ne Haussmann. In this capacity, Marville photographed the city鈥檚 oldest quarters, and especially the narrow, winding streets slated for demolition. Even as he recorded the disappearance of Old Paris, Marville turned his camera on the new city that had begun to emerge. Continue reading

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Giving Thanks: One Reader Is A Miracle

All the talk about slow food and slow blogging reminds me of this story from the Left Bank. I published it first in September 2007, near the beginning of this blog. It remains one of the most satisfying pieces of new writing that I鈥檝e done here. I was sad the day it dropped off the bottom of the home page, which held 20 posts then. Maybe no one would ever find or read the story again. So I re-posted it that Thanksgiving, and now I claim it as a family tradition. On this day meant to give thanks it gives me pleasure to read and publish it again to affirm how I am blessed that Ms. Modigliani is my first reader. Continue reading

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Partners in Surrealism: Lee Miller and Man Ray

Lee Miller’s lips fly over a forest in Man Ray’s “Observatory Time – The Lovers,” an oil painting from 1934. The surrealist art of Lee Miller and Man Ray are presented together for the first time in a museum show, Man Ray/Lee Miller, Partners in Surrealism. Anthony Penrose, Miller鈥檚 son, and curator Phillip Prodger discuss the artists on NPR. Continue reading

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Remembering a Free Man in Paris on Father’s Day

A street artist in Montmartre made this sketch of my father, Bob Willis, in 2005. It鈥檚 based on a photo taken after the war which is tagged 鈥淧aris 1945.鈥 I carried that photo in my pocket until I found a suitable artist. The challenge now in Montmartre is choosing just one while evading a flock of noisy and aggressive competitors. In commissioning this drawing I was completing a circle for me and my dad. He had carried a wedding photo of my mother throughout the war, and in Montmartre he found a street artist who turned the image into an oil painting. The price Bob negotiated was two cartons of cigarettes and a chocolate bar. Continue reading

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